Cashless Atm Scrip machines as Atm Investments and Passive Atm Investment Opportunities
Corporate Gift - Companies Across the US are Discovering how to MAKE Money
by Switching to Cashless Atm Machines in their Retail Locations to SAVE
Money on Costly Credit Card Processing Fees! Corporate Finance at it's Best...
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Corporations Need to Know the Possibilities for increased Profits that our Cashless Atm program can provide!

Many companies today are finding out how much credit card processing is costing them on each transaction. It's very costly to have to pay a percentage of each sale, plus a swipe fee on every sale you make where your customer is using a bank card.

Credit card processing is simply costing corporate America too much money! Some companies have tried regular cash dispensing atm machines, but the constant need to keep these machine stocked with cash is too much of a hassle, and burns up most of the profits made by using this type of atm machine. Not to mention the security concerns that having a machine filled with thousands of dollars presents to your locations. It increases your chances of being broken into, which increases your insurance premiums.

These are some of the reasons why more companies today are switching to Cashless Atm Scrip Machines.

Our terminals provide the same customer convenience as regular atms, but at a fraction of the cost! We've put together a program that will help your company keep more of it's hard earned profits, without all the hassles and costs associated with other types of payment systems.

We invite you to contact us using the email form on the right side of this page so we can send you an overview of our program for companies with multiple locations. We will provide you with detailed information on how our cashless atm program can increase your profits and help make your company more competitive in today's marketplace.

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