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Info for Investors

People today want to invest in something profitable, but most want to be in control of their investments. Placing Cashless Atm Machines in merchant locations can be a great way to earn additional income!

Tired of hearing about risky investments offered by business opportunity companies that put pressure on you to spends thousands of dollars by making a decision today? Don't like the fact that most of these companies have too much control over your investment that promise you that they will handle everything for you?

Why not invest in such a way that provides you the opportunity to be in the driver's seat?

Our program is not a "bizop" program, where we go out and find locations for your machines. Most business opportunity companies that offer that type of service are the ones that have location agreements with the merchants, which leaves you in a position where you have no claim to the locations they obtained for you. In this situation, all you have is a very high priced cashless atm package that you can purchase from us at wholesale pricing. Just sign up as a Distributor (which is FREE) and you're ready to start finding locations!

We provide top quality new equipment that comes with a nice sign package, shipping, programming, and DES-3 encryption of the internal PIN pad. We also provide online monitoring, so you can track how many transactions your machines are doing online from any PC with internet access.

We also provide processing services that features electronic deposits made to you directly from our processor, not from us. All your funds are FDIC insured and are handled by one of the largest banks in the United States!

We've got one of the most competitive programs you'll find anywhere. Plus, we make ourselves available to answer your questions about the business and provide marketing materials that other companies won't give you! Contact us today for more information about our program, and find out if investing in cashless atm machines is right for you.

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NOTE: We Do Not Offer Franchises, or Business Opportunities. We Are A Supplier of Top Quality Equipment, and Processing.  If You Are Starting Your Own Atm Based Business, We Can Supply You with the Equipment and Processing Services Needed to Run Your Equipment.   We DO NOT Provide Locations to Investors.

We Do Not Promise, or Guarantee Profitability. Investor profits are controlled entirely by the investor through the surcharge they choose to charge on their machines, how much they give their merchant locations for each transaction, and how many monthly transactions the locations produce that the investor finds.

*All sales are final. We do not have a buy back program. If investor decides to quit,
we will ship any un-used equipment that has been purchased to the investor.
We do not make any claims of income potential by using
the equipment and services that we provide.

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