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Info for Merchants

Your retail business can provide the convenience of bank card acceptance without paying the costly fees associated with this type of payment option!

Merchants that offer card payment options on a credit card terminal have to pay a percentage of each sale, plus a swipe rate as processing fees for providing their customers with the convenience of using plastic to pay for the merchant's goods or services. While this is convenient for the customer, it ends up costing merchants a large portion of their profit margins every year...

But now, there's a better way to provide this convenience that allows merchants to save these processing fees and actually make money on each transaction with a Cashless Atm Scrip Machine!

Our program is much more cost effective than a credit card terminal or a big expensive cash dispensing atm that costs thousands of dollars to own and operate. Cashless Atms provide the same convenience for your customers which helps you increase sales without having to pay for expensive equipment or never ending processing fees.

Our program costs much less than the competition! Our machine packages sell for only $295 which includes a counter-top stand with signage, door decals, user manual, and shipping. When the unit arrives simpy plug it in and connect to a phone line and it's installed! We provide you with everything needed to have your own Cashless Atm program in your retail location so you can start making money on each transaction.

We would like the opportunity to send you information about our Cashless Atm program and how it can benefit your business. Once you receive our overview by email, please reply with any questions or concerns that you may have, or call for a no-pressure phone consultation. Find out TODAY if a Cashless Atm is right for your business!

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